About us

Puppy Waggle is the result of dog lovers wanting to provide dog owners with products that bring enjoyment and health to your dogs lives! 
Our goal, here at Puppy Waggle, is to be the one stop shop where you can come to for anything you need for your dog, weather your needing something for your dogs travel or if you need something to train them, we want to provide you with products what will benefit both you and your dog.
Puppy Waggle also takes pride in offering 24/7 support to all of our customers, to offer the best possible experience for everyone whilst dealing with us here at Puppy Waggle.
We are also more than just a store, we are an COMMUNITY. We strive to build a community where all dog owners/lovers can share their photos and videos with us all. Make sure to follow our socials to join the Puppy Waggle community and join the ever growing following of fellow dog owners and lovers.